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Its partly sheer ignorance, partly stubbornness, partly embarrassment at being proven wrong, and partly a me against you attitude. You know what Im talking about. Its happened to us all. Now that weve put the audience in their place, so to speak, lets put ourselves in our place. We, the writers, dont know that much either. Its important not to be seduced by hubris, or pride in our knowledge or positions.

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Telugu M. A. Linguistics,M. Phil. , Ph. D. Dissertation, Leeds Metropolitan University . Dr. Veedotma D. KoonjalSelect Papers from the National Conference on Challenges and Opportunities for Teaching and Research in English Language and Literature, March 23, 2018Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai CampusDivision of Social Sciences and Languages, Department of English . Dr.

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737 741, the provision authorizing removal of the Comptroller by joint resolution does not suffice to establish that he may not exercise the authority granted him under Gramm Rudman Hollings, I see no substantial basis for concluding that his various duties toward Congress render him incapable of receiving such power. Even if I were to concede that the exercise of executive authority by the Comptroller is inconsistent with the removal provision, I would agree with JUSTICE BLACKMUN that striking down the provisions of the Gramm Rudman Hollings Act vesting the Comptroller with such duties is a grossly inappropriate remedy for the supposed constitutional infirmity, and that, if one of the features of the statutory scheme must go, it should be the removal provision. As JUSTICE BLACKMUN points out, the mere fact that the parties before the Court have standing only to seek invalidation of the Gramm Rudman Hollings spending limits cannot dictate that the Court resolve any constitutional incompatibility by striking down Gramm Rudman Hollings. Nor does the existence of the fallback provisions in Gramm Rudman Hollings indicate the appropriateness of the Court's choice, for those provisions, by their terms, go into effect only if the Court finds that the primary budget cutting mechanism established by the Act must be invalidated; they by no means answer the antecedent question whether the Court should take that step. Given the majority's constitutional premises, it is clear to me that the decision whether to strike down Gramm Rudman Hollings must depend on whether such a choice would be more or less disruptive of congressional objectives than declaring the removal provision invalid with the result that the Comptroller would still be protected against removal at will by the President, but could also not be removed through joint resolution. When the choice is put in these terms, it is evident that it is the never used removal provision that is far less central to the overall statutory scheme. That this is so is underscored by the fact that, under the majority's theory, the removal provision was never constitutional, as the Comptroller's primary duties under the 1921 Act were clearly executive under the Court's definition: the Comptroller's most important tasks under that legislation were to dictate accounting techniques for all executive agencies, to audit all federal expenditures, and to approve or disapprove disbursement of funds. See F. Mosher, The GAO 1979. Surely the Congress in 1921 would have sacrificed its own role in removal rather than allow such duties to go unfulfilled by a Comptroller independent of the President. See 59 Cong.

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Our justice system depends on citizens faith in the independence of judges, so even the perception of undue or unseemly pressure can destroy confidence in the judicial system. Judges should not seek to please any particular group or litigant with his/her rulings; judges must ad here to the law, said Berch, who retired from the court in 2015. This requirement is so strong that judges must rule according to law even when doing so is not popular or may cost them their jobs. City judges being co opted by political forces is a long simmering issue, both in Arizona and nationally. Seventeen states have eliminated municipal courts. Of the rest, about half have their judges elected, according to data from the National Center for State Courts. Arizona is one of about a dozen states that put the ap pointment of judges solely in the hands of the mayor and city council, and one of only about seven states that allow the city council, rather than voters, to determine whether a judge will be reappointed at the end of the first term in office. The figures are not precise because some states allow appointment and retention mechanisms to differ between cities. Technically, Arizona law allows cities to determine the method of appointment and length of terms for judges. Yuma is the only city that allows its judges to be elected by the people. In every other Arizona city, judges are appointed by the councils.

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