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75 mm to US 15 10 mm US 17 and US 19 tips are available but sold separatelyNeedle Length Range: Variable lenghts from 17" to 58" even longer needles can be made with cord expansion setAverage Retail Price: Original Blue Denise set $49. 9, Pink Denise set $54. 95 $5 goes directly to cancer research, extra cords and accessories are available from $2. 50 $22. 00Date Reviewed: 1/24/2007One of the first investments I made as a knitter was my Denise needles. I really didnt know much about needles yet, but I did know that there were so many projects that I wanted to make that purchasing all the different size and length needles would have cost me a fortune.

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Hydrofracking in upper west corner of state c. Droughtd. Tornado frequency throughout stateg. High foreclosure rateh. Coastal floodingSouthern New York+ Adequate water++ Temperate climate+++ Good farmland/growing seasona. Nuclear plant 2 6 mi NE of Oswegoa. Nuclear plant 6 mi NE of Oswegoa. Nuclear plant 20 mi NE of Rochestera. Nuclear plant 24 mi N of New York Cityb. Hydrofracking throughout all except northern NYd. Some tornado frequency in southeastern portion of NY e.

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Click the Insert into post button at the bottom, and now it is in your post!3. Creating links. Maybe you want to link to another website in your post. Use your mouse to select/highlight the text you want to turn into a link. Then click the link button shown at point 3 and paste the address you want the text to lead to into the box that open. If you want, check the box that says open this link in a new window, so that when people click the link they wont leave your blog but instead the link will open in a new window. Click OK. Now your text is a link like this: this text is a link. 4. Adding video from another website. This may not be something you use all the time, but its handy to know.

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