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pdf Turnitin Guide for External Examiners External Examiners Turnitin guide. pdfThe resources in this section are thought to be helpful to those colleagues who are new to the role of External Examiner and provide information about the University's academic regulations, policies, procedures and IT systems. If there is any other information which you believe would be helpful to you as an External Examiner, please don't hesitate to email . uk. Bank Authority Form Bank Authority Form. doc Equality and Diversity Monitoring Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form.

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While my procrastination had left me with a bit more work and little less time than Id like, it did give me my question. Why do we procrastinate?Fortunately Im not the first to ask this question and so I turned to the economic literature looking for an answer. So, why do we procrastinate?According to behavioural economists, people have a tendency to over value the present, or conversely to over discount the future Lambert, 2006. Essentially, even though getting the work done now may save us stress and sleepless nights in the future, we underestimate just how much stress that saves us as we put a greater value on relaxing increasing our utility in the present. Now, you might think that this doesnt explain why we continue to procrastinate in spite of ample at least in my case experience of its consequences. However, in a 2008 more in depth investigation was carried out by three economists Brunnermeier, Papakonstantinou and Parker using the Planning Fallacy framework. According to Planning Fallacy, we measure our well being as our average lifetime utility. In light of this averaging, the optimistic mind set which underestimates the work required to meet a deadline actually increases our average utility as the inconvenience of doing work at the last minute is small compared to the benefit of, well, not worrying about it. Brunnermeier et al. didnt stop there. They went on to determine whether or not dividing deadlines up into two distinct time periods had any effect.

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And, as in past, Bund had to balance its national and revolutionary platforms: in 1903 it struggled for the independence from the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, and yet in 1905 it rushed headlong into the All Russian revolution. Likewise, now, in 1917, the Bunds representatives occupied prominent positions in the Executive Committee of the Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies and later among the Social Democrats of Kiev. By the end of 1917 the Bund had nearly 400 sections countrywide, totaling around 40,000 members. Developments in Poale Zion were no less amazing. In the beginning of April they also held their All Russian Conference in Moscow. Among its resolutions we see on the one hand a motion to organize the All Russian Jewish Congress and discuss the problem of emigration to Palestine. On the other hand, the Poale Zion Conference in Odessa had simultaneously announced the partys uncompromising program of class warfare: Through the efforts of Jewish revolutionary democracy the power over destinies of the Jewish nation was wrested from the dirty grasp of wealthy and settled Jews despite all the resistance of bourgeoisie to the right and the Bund to the left. Do not allow the bourgeois parties to bring in the garbage of the old order. Do not let the hypocrites speak they did not fight but sweated out the rights for our people on their bended knees in the offices of anti Semitic ministers; they did not believe in the revolutionary action of the masses. Then, in April 1917, when the party had split the Radical Socialist Poale Zion moved toward the Zionists, breaking away from the main Social Democratic Poale Zion, which later would join the Third International. Like the two above mentioned parties, the SJWP also held its statewide conference at which it had merged with the Socialist Zionists, forming the United Jewish Socialist Workers Party Fareynikte and parting with the idea of any extraterritorial Jewish nation with its own parliament and national autonomy.

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And we won, twice. James, I think you know as well as I that the state statutes governing corporations and limited liability companies are written to limit the personal liability of owners/members. It would take a court order to "pierce the veil" and I would dare say that I could most likely find a case where the veil was upheld for each that you find where it was pierced. Why berate Mitch for asking Stephen to substantiate his statement?It was a valid question when the law is clearly written to limit the liability of owner/managers. It appeared to me that he was merely looking for information, not an argument. I've spoken to a couple of lawyers here in Florida and I've been told the way the veil gets pierced here is either through committing fraud or commingling of funds. I agree that an LLC rather than other types of entities seems to be the best option for rental properties for most people, although apparently some wealthy people use various types of trust arrangements. I think of it this way: If he is the repairman for example on a railing and the railing fails due to improper installation. Who are they going to sue?The LLC will on doubt be named just because they can. He will also be named. I may as well just have one heck of an insurance policy.

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The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is AMAZING. It has soooo much information. Its like a RYT 200 and RYT 500 training all in one. There is so much valuable information, your classes cant help but be anything but amazing after using this kit!Thanks, George, for all of the hard work and hours youve invested and for your quick response when I had a question. Youve saved me a TON of hours in class planning. You have helped me to have the best classes ever!I will definitely be ordering more kits from you.

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