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Cohen. But his defence of Marx involves a complete retreat to the mechanical interpretation of Kautsky and Plekhanov. Historically, however, there has always been a revolutionary alternative to either mechanical materialism or voluntarism. It existed in part even in the heyday of Kautskyism in some of the writings of Engels and in the work of the Italian Marxist, Labriola. But the need for a theoretical alternative did not become more widely apparent until the years of the First World War and the Russian Revolution proved the bankruptcy of Kautskyism. It was then that Lenin reread Hegel and concluded, Intelligent dialectical idealism is closer to intelligent materialism than stupid metaphysical materialism. In the years that followed, thinkers like George Lukcs, Karl Korsch and Antonio Gramsci all tried to provide versions of historical materialism which did not see human activity as simply a passive reflection of other factors. And in his magnificent History of the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky provided an account of a world historical event which placed massive emphasis on subjective as well as objective factors and was criticised from a Plekhanovite point of view for doing so. A non mechanical, non voluntarist version of historical materialism is absolutely vital today. It can easily be found in the works of Marx himself, if you supplement his classic account in the Preface to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy with what he says at various points in The German Ideology, The Poverty of Philosophy, The Communist Manifesto and elsewhere. The premises from which we start are not dogmas, but real premises from which abstraction can only be made in the imagination.

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