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To have decided that question would have amounted to a trespass upon the Constitutional power of Congress. Here we have before us a state law which abridges the Constitutional rights of citizens to cast votes in such way as to obtain the kind of Congressional representation the Constitution guarantees to them. It is true that voting is a part of elections and that elections are 'political. ' But as this Court said in Nixon v. Herndon, supra, it is a mere 'play on words' to refer to a controversy such as this as 'political' in the sense that courts have nothing to do with protecting and vindicating the right of a voter to cast an effective ballot. The Classic case, among myriads of others, refutes the contention that courts are impotent in connection with evasions of all 'political' rights.

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This guy could be blackmailed, easy. Don't participate in victim shaming, New York Times, by publishing victim shaming letters. From wikipedia: "In efforts to discredit alleged assault victims in court, a defense attorney may delve into an accuser's personal history, a common practice that also has the purposeful effect of making the victim so uncomfortable they choose not to proceed. " Of note, past history, such as cheating, is often raised to discredit the victim. Sound familiar?I don't see why McClean or Ford's supporters are complaining about the ex boyfriend's allegation. Allegation is the new standard of proof, right?Allegations don't require any support at all. In fact, as we have learned here in NYT, an allegation that is refuted by everyone alleged to be present is still to be believed if it goes along with an earnestly told story. It's earnest denials that no longer count. I thought Ford's description of the assault was quite plausible. However, it's implausible that she didn't know Grassley had offered to interview her at home, that fear of flying was the cause of her delays, that she doesn't know who drove her home but is sure she drank exactly one beer, and that she needed to study her invoices to figure out that her legal services and polygraph are free. I no longer care about whether Kavanaugh or Ford are telling the truth.

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To be sure, we live after this life a lot longer than we do in this life!Having a belief in God and an understanding of his ways has long been a pursuit and goal of people, regardless of age, nationality, race or gender. So, how can we sum this all up?What is success?Is it one of the above?All of them?Others?I have found something that helps me understand the concept of success very well. It is the Hebrew word "Shalom. " Most people have heard this word interpreted as "peace," and, in its simple definition, that is indeed what it means. But the understanding of the word peace to those who originally used this word meant something very broad. When someone said "shalom" to you, they were wishing you peace in every area of your life.

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You get the full course in one go and it is split into 7 workable days. But if it takes you a week to do one day it doesnt matter. All that matters is that you complete the course. I too am a total newbie and during the past couple of months have spent a great deal of money on product, and memberships. I am also 70 years young and I am totally captivated by the prospect of increasing my pension I am totally surrportive of other newbies who have left messages. I am a totally non technical person and I have hosting, domain names FTP but no websites I have read a lot of what John writes and I am in danger of information overload. This course WILL get me over this hurdle and I will have a website up and running before Christmas Thanks in advance JohnReply from John,If you can switch off from everything online for 7 days and simply follow my instructions you will get there Robert. And if you need any help simply get in touch. Next year I am looking to compliment my affiliate business with resale rights products. I belong to your mentorship site and will be following the videos and instructions there on how to sell ebooksPLR ones on ebay. Is this resale rights blueprint the same instructions?It sounds great but Im not convinced until I see someone on here who actually WENT THROUGH this course entirely and doesnt just think its great but actually MADE REAL MONEY.

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