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It has resonant slogans and appeal beyond the numbers of its activists, but it is at best in the early stages of its development. 10 Likewise, in Ireland, Occupy is only in its infancy and there is a possibility it may have lost its opportunity for any meaningful change. However, it took eighteen months before NICRA began making any inroads in generating support or combating public apathy. These first eighteen months were, according to Fred Heatley, a time of frustration. 11 In 1965, the Derry Unemployed Action Committee DUAC was founded. Such was the apathy of anti unionists at the time that only a handful of people participated in the inaugural meeting.

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PART TIME ACADEMIC STAFF REPRESENTATIVE: A member of the part time academic staff who is elected to be arepresentative for the part time academic staff at any level ofthe University governance. PART TIME ACADEMIC STAFF:a REGULAR PART TIME ACADEMIC STAFF: Individuals who are not registeredas full time graduate students at the University of Ottawa and whoperform bargaining unit work. b STUDENT PART TIME ACADEMIC STAFF: Individuals who are registeredas full time graduate students at the University of Ottawa and whoperform bargaining unit work. VISITING PROFESSOR: A recognized scholaror artist whose presence enhances the breadth or quality of theuniversity's scholarly or teaching activities and who either holdsa full time continuing appointment or has established a career outsideof the University of Ottawa or is retired from a professorial orcomparable position. Last July 8, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, a writer for Rolling Stone, telephoned Emily Renda, a survivor working on assault issues as a staff member at the University of Virginia. Erdely said she was searching for a single, emblematic college case that would show what its like to be on campus now where not only is so prevalent but also that theres this pervasive culture of harassment/rape culture, according to Erdelys notes of the conversation. Renda told Erdely that many assaults take place during parties where the goal is to get everyone blackout drunk. She continued, There may be a much darker side of this at some fraternities. One girl I worked with closely alleged she was gang raped in the fall, before rush, and the men who perpetrated it were young guys who were not yet members of the fraternity, and she remembers one of them saying to another Cmon man, dont you want to be a brother?Renda put the writer in touch with a rising junior at UVA who would soon be known to millions of Rolling Stone readers as Jackie, a shortened version of her true first name. Erdely said later that when she first encountered Jackie, she felt the student had this stamp of credibility because a university employee had connected them. Earlier that summer, Renda had even appeared before a Senate committee and had made reference to Jackies allegations during her testimony another apparent sign of the cases seriousness.

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The writer was based in Philadelphia and had been reporting for Rolling Stone since 2008. She specialized in true crime stories like The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills, about a high living Korean model and self styled Samsung heiress accused of transporting 7,000 pounds of marijuana. She had written about pedophile priests and assault in the military. Will Dana, the magazines managing editor, considered her a very thorough and persnickety reporter whos able to navigate extremely difficult stories with a lot of different points of view. Jackie proved to be a challenging source. At times, she did not respond to Erdelys calls, texts and emails. At two points, the reporter feared Jackie might withdraw her cooperation. Also, Jackie refused to provide Erdely the name of the lifeguard who had organized the attack on her. She said she was still afraid of him. That led to tense exchanges between Erdely and Jackie, but the confrontation ended when Rolling Stones editors decided to go ahead without knowing the lifeguards name or verifying his existence. After that concession, Jackie cooperated fully until publication.

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An ethical imperative is necessary to attain cultural competence. Increasing cultural competence at a fundamental, ethical level is the right thing to do. Effective multicultural education entails an ethical commitment to work toward the repair of the world. As counselors, we have an ethical obligation to help equip students not only to live and work in an increas ingly diverse and multicultural world, but also to join us to make the world more just and peaceful. Ethical guidelines continue to evolve to reflect how we apply moral principles to our lives, and our lives must include those who are presently marginalized in society. To lead we must address the diversity of people in all aspects of society with genuine respect and caring. Religious diversity is more than geographical location. There are many constituents of diversity. They include age, as the age range in the group affects the group. Addition ally, diversity includes gender with regard to whether in group's men and women have equal opportunities to interact with one another. Diversity includes orientations in terms of how open group members are about their religious identity.

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