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I think article marketing is great for lead capturing. I learnt this technique from one of the top copywriter. He directs all traffic to a single page selling the benefit of his newsletter, and in exchange for visitors email address they will get a free report. After filling in contact details, visitor is redirected to the main sales page. This technique works very well. Before I had the sign up box on the side and I didnt collect a single email address.

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In this case, modification of the product is not allowed but selling of the product is allowed as well as selling of the rights to resell by others. Putting your name as the creator or author is also usually not allowed with these type of products. You resell such products as they come. The advantage of MRR products is that you can make money from reselling the rights to other people, as well as from actually selling the products directly. Thats why most people prefer MRR products. However, you are not authorized to resell the selling rights to other people nor are you allowed to modify the product before reselling.

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Joseph Thomas, Ph. D. G. Vijay, M. A. , M. Phil. , B. Ed. , Ph. D.

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Article 6. All female and male Ecuadorians are citizens and shall enjoy the rights set forth in the Constitution. Ecuadorian nationality is a political and legal bond between individuals and the State, without detriment to their belonging to any of the other indigenous nations that coexist in plurinational Ecuador. Ecuadorian nationality is obtained by birth or naturalization and shall not be forfeited because of marriage or its dissolution or by acquiring another nationality. Article 7. The following persons are Ecuadorians by birth:1. Persons born in Ecuador. 2. Persons born abroad of a mother or father born in Ecuador and their descendants up to the third degree of consanguinity. 3. Persons belonging to communities, peoples or nations recognized by the State living in border areas.

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