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Other international legal instruments that these organizations pressure the government to comply with include the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 8 on the rights of the child, and Article 7 of the EU charter of fundamental rights. The director of the MRCI also sits on the board of the European Network Against Racism ENAR a Brussels based nongovernmental organization advocating for antiracism, antidiscrimination, and the rights of migrants and asylum seekers. Both the MRCI and ICI belong to the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants PICUM and the European Platform of Migrant Workers. These transnational organizations also advocate for the adoption of the 1990 UN International Convention on the Protection of Rights of Migrant Workers and members of their families. Filipinos took the lead on work place rights and the issue of family reunification for Filipino nurses and physicians. African activism is often church based and local level around anti racist programs.

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The Chair will serve a three year term that is renewable for one or two additional terms at the discretion of the Dean. Section 2: On expiration of the term of the Chair, the Dean will decide on extension of the current Chairs term, or will appoint a replacement, taking into account the recommendation of the Committee. Each year the Committee Chair shall forward a list of the positions and recommendations to the Committee on Committees of the Faculty Council. Section 1: The Committee will convene when legitimate allegations of Misconduct in Science are made, in order to hold an inquiry to determine whether an investigation is warranted. The Chair is empowered to convene these meetings as deemed necessary and may meet with Legal Counsel, the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, or other individuals prior to convening the Committee. Section 2: A majority of three voting members shall constitute a quorum. Voting members, including the Chair, shall have the right to vote on all motions and/or resolutions of the Committee. Section 5: Official minutes will be taken by a member of the Dean and Provosts staff at all meetings of the committee. The minutes will be distributed to all members prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Committee and approved or amended at that meeting. Section 6: The deliberations of the Committee and all materials distributed as a part of the work of the Committee including minutes are to be treated as confidential. Section 1: Functions and duties of the Committee, are found under the Misconduct in Science Committee Policy and Procedures.

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A guest commentator for one game in 2016, Lewis co hosts KOA NewsRadio's Lewisand Logan Show with Dave Logan from 4 7 p. m. , and The Rick Lewis Show previously The Lewis andFloorwax Show from 5 10 a. m. each day on 103. 5 The Fox. For nearly three decades, Lewis has been one of the top rated radio personalities in the country and has been awarded Personality of the Year multiple times. He's an Emmy and Telly award winner for television, and has appeared in major motion pictures, network TV shows, and national commercials. Lewis' sports broadcasting experience includes radio and TV play by play work for college and high school football, baseball, and basketball, and he previously co hosted The Trutha Broncos pregame showon 103. 5 The Fox. Tyler Polumbus begins his second season as the sideline reporter for Broncos radio broadcastswhile providing regular color commentary as well.

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This advisor will also be your Financial Advisor Paying for your Education and help you to apply for financial assistance through provincial and federal government student loans and grants. Bursary and scholarship information is also made available to you. These advising services assist you in decision making by providing timely and accurate information, as well as, help you to understand College policies which directly affect your academic success. In most cases you will only see one Admission Advisor who personally looks after your program and financial needs. This simplifies the process of getting into and completing college. Learning Services Office: This Office manages the various learning needs of students from scheduling assessments. If you have a question regarding your learning needs, please ask for this professional in 802 122. Achieving Success Workshops: Students can take part in information sessions on such topics as study skills, test taking, managing exam stress, time management, and on writing term papers. Check the dates and times of these workshops on the Student Services Board located in Bldg. 802 by the Administration Office. This information is periodically updated.

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