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But that immunity can be lost when the legislator takes actions outside the sphere of legitimate legislative activity. 3 Accordingly, if a council member takes any unilateral actions concerning an individual employee, he or she could risk loss of legislative immunity. Even actions taken collectively with the full council might conceivably lack immunity if they relate to specific individuals instead of furthering general city policy. Under California law, city council members can be liable for invasion of privacy, among other things. Third, the threat of liability presents another factor that limits council member roles toward individual employees. One potential type of liability is for invasion of privacy. In one case, Braun v. City of Taft, a city council member was subject to censure by the council for removing documents from a city employees personnel file and revealing them to the press. Although the court ultimately determined that the particular documents were public records that could legally be disclosed, the court remanded the case to the council to allow it to decide whether the member should suffer censure for other reasons. These possible reasons included his unilateral decision regarding suitability for disclosure. 4 Other courts have articulated that public employees can have limited privacy rights in their personnel files.

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He was a family man trying to balance a day job at an IT company with a nighttime hobby as a crusader. How long could he keep trying to be an amateur sleuth, especially when no one with a real law enforcement job seemed interested in the new sites that were opening in tax havens like Antigua or in untraceable locations in Russia or China?His unease grew when someone posted a message on his YouTube channel that reminded him why he stayed anonymous. The Washington State Gambling Commission is housed in a boxy office park in Lacey, about an hour from Seattle, and run by David Trujillo, a no nonsense agent who's spent a career policing tribal casinos. His staff of roughly 100 employees investigates crimes from money laundering to dogfighting, and though his budget has been cut 20 percent in the past three years, he says, "We're doing our best to keep up. "Early in 2016, Trujillo's staff came to him with concerns related to another of his jobs: enforcing the state's ban on internet gambling. Trujillo, 53, doesn't play video games and didn't know anything about Counter Strike.

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Charles R. Drew Charter School opened in 2000 as Atlantas first charter school. Over the last 14 years, Drew has made great strides in improving academic outcomes as well as providing students with access to arts, technology, sports and other co curricular experiences. Today, Drew is ranked among the top elementary and middle schools in the Atlanta Public Schools System, ensuring that children from all backgrounds have access to excellent education from cradle to college. The East Lake Foundation was founded in 1995 on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, the East Lake Foundation collaborates with public and private organizations to provide tools that enable Atlantas East Lake residents to build a better future through its model for community revitalization. The East Lake model includes cradle to college education at Charles R.

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In the 1995 case, the supreme court found a Tempe Municipal Court judge had separately assaulted three people, including his ex girlfriend, and that alcohol played a role in all of the attacks. The judge also was convicted on charges of soliciting a prostitute, which the court deemed a crime of moral turpitude in the order stripping him of his judicial duties. The Tempe court was in turmoil at the time. The citys presiding municipal judge, Stephen Mirretti, was indicted on charges of fraud, theft of public money, bribery, and conspiracy to obstruct a criminal investigation, all felonies. Mirretti resigned in 1994, before the supreme court could remove him, and ultimately reached a plea agreement on the criminal charges. The supreme court did disbar him 11 months after he re signed from the bench. Four municipal court judges resigned and were barred from ever holding judicial office in Arizona again as part of negotiated agreements to settle judicial disciplinary proceedings, including two in 1996. One of them, an Apache Junction judge, was accused of ignoring state laws, and exceeded her authority when issuing orders of protection and injunctions against harassment. Her term in office expired prior to the sanc tion being imposed. Another judge in the Miami city court was accused in 1996 of unethical resolution of civil and criminal traffic tickets, and refusing criminal defendants the right to a lawyer. The judge routinely and improperly dismissed traffic tickets, and when investigators asked her why, she replied of the defendants, because they like me.

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