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We do everything we possibly can to assist the students in achieving their goal, Burkhalter said. In addition, Burkhalter said the Laredo community scholarship donors and HRSA made it possible to award more than $75,000 in scholarships this Fall, not including Pell Grants. There are multiple scholarship opportunities for nursing students. Students need to avail themselves of every scholarship opportunity by contacting the Office of Financial Aid for more information, she added. A Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing BSN makes you more marketable it increases marketability in the nursing workforce. One hundred percent of our graduates find jobs. Nurses are not unemployed. All three of the local hospitals support the University by providing the clinical experiences for our students and we provide them with a pool of graduate nurses to work in their facilities, Burkhalter said. For more information, please contact Burkhalter at or 326. 2579 or visit offices in Dr. F.

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Students are reminded, however, that these records are confidential and should only be accessed as needed for the purpose of providing health care to patients. You are expected to abide by the strictest policies of confidentiality when dealing with medical records in either paper or electronic format. Any violations will be treated as serious matters and may be subject to University, State and federal privacy laws regarding patient health information. The medical chart is a legal document upon which significant lawsuits revolve. Whether in paper or electronic form, be mindful that the medical record is a professional document and one might be asked to discuss chart entries in court, one should avoid sarcasm, humor, disparaging remarks about the patient or other providers involved, and speculation as to what might have occurred if other treatments or interventions had been provided. You will be given access to the Electronic Health Records EHR at SIU School of Medicine, Memorial Medical Center and St. John's Hospital. No person caring for a patient has the right to divulge information regarding that patient without specific permission to do so. You are not to converse with or provide written material regarding medical records to friends or relatives, representatives from the news media or law enforcement divisions without prior consent of the hospital administration. Any requests for information should be referred to the patient's attending physician or to the patient himself or herself. At times, the Public Relations Department of both hospitals directs release of information.

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