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Cao, Q. X. Sang,and E. K. Duan 2003 Expression and implications of tissue inhibitor ofmetalloproteinases 4 in mouse embryo. Mol.

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The deceleration is denoted by the red light stop, which does not indicate the intensity of the braking and even the possible slowdown due to the use of engine braking. Traffic is something dynamic, made up of accelerations and decelerations. This dynamism is not a proper signaling through the normal rear lights. The device proposed here aims to overcome this limitation by allowing vehicles to easily and clearly indicate the intensity of vehicle speed. In the case of constant speed produces no signal. In the case of acceleration you will have a green light signals, while the deceleration is indicated by red lights. The intensity of the change in speed will be indicated by a greater number of lights on. A first working prototype is already available, whose shapes and sizes are deliberately abundant for demonstration purposes the same. The device consists of a control unit and a display with two rows of LEDs, just red and green. The indicator of prototype is installed in the area of the rear window and looks like a third brake light in form, while, as size, goes from one end of the rear window. In fact, another useful device is to improve the location of the vehicle in case of poor visibility.

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