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Each survey contained a series of items to assess student knowledge of the plot and vocabulary used in the plays. There were also several items to measure student tolerance as well as student interest in viewing and participating in live theater. We also employed a measure known as the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test RMET, which captures the ability to infer what other people are thinking or feeling by looking at their eyes. The test was developed by British psychologist Simon Baron Cohen and his colleagues as a tool for studying theory of mind, particularly for people with autism. It is now widely used by researchers interested in studying theory of mind and empathy for people developing typically, as well as for those with autism. Researchers using RMET have found that reading literary fiction or engaging in theatrical role playing enhances peoples ability to read the emotions of others. We suspected that watching live theater might have a similar effect and decided to include RMET in our survey. The version of RMET we employed was developed for use with adolescents and has 28 photographs cropped to show only peoples eyes. Subjects are asked to pick one of four words that best describes what the photographed person is thinking or feeling. All of the scales used to measure student knowledge about the plays, tolerance, ability to read the emotions of others, as well as interest in watching or participating in live theater, are either established or were validated with conventional tests of scale construction. All of the results reported below are based on analyses that control for student grade level, gender, and minority status, and compare students only within each matched grouping, while taking into account the fact that students within a given group are likely to be similar in ways that we are unable to observe.

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It was that sort of thing. The hotel was surrounded by thousands of people. We had never seen such a spectacle in our lives. And that culture is also in Pakistannot to the same extent, because Islam challenges it, but don't forget that most people here were converts from Hinduism, and they have retained a lot of these qualities. "He said, "People react so differently. I used to see, on the cricket team, boys coming up from poor backgrounds, and not well educated at all.

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S. Intelligence CommunityWe are blessed with some truly wonderful students at North Greenville. I couldnt be prouder of these men and women for their accomplishments. They have worked hard in the classroom and lived well outside the classroom, said NGU Provost and Dean of the University Faculty Dr. Nathan A. Finn. While I regret we could not recognize them in person at our annual Awards Day Chapel, I appreciate how kindly they have responded in recent days as weve reached out to them to tell them about these rewards. I know these men and women will continue to represent NGU well for many years to come. Nicolas Garzone Travelers Rest, SCProfessors sometimes bemoan their students' writing skills. But how good are professors at creating quality writing assignments?There's no recent, national study of how and what professors are asking their students to write, despite lots of research suggesting that rich, varied writing assignments and opportunities for feedback mean better student papers. A new book seeks to fill that data void, and argues that what professors are asking their students to write is as important as what students end up writing.

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Hikosaka's study is based on his doctoral dissertation. The earliest inscriptions in Tamil Nadu written in the Brahmi character of the time, on the walls of the natural caves in the Tamil districts of Madura, Ramnad and Tirnnelveli belongs to the third century BC. They are of considerable interest to students of South Indian Buddhism. It is learnt from these Brahmi inscriptions, that Buddhism had come into Tamil Nadu even then. However, the epigraphical evidence seems to confirm that, it was to King Asoka and the missionary monk Mahinda believed to be his son that the introduction of Buddhism into Tamil Nadu may be attributed. In his Rock Edict No. III, King Asoka says that his Dharma Vijaya prevailed in the kingdoms of the Colas, Pandyans and at Tambapanni Sri Lanka. Particularly the edict number XIII found near Peshawar, there is reference to the Buddhist missions of Asoka. Among the countries referred to are Cola, Pandya, and Tambapanni. This inscription was written in 258 B. C.

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