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Temple. Continuing care retirement communities, which offer more health services as seniors age, typically require entrance fees of hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus monthly fees. Cheryl J. Sherrard, a certified financial planner at Rinehart and Associates in Charlotte, says switching to a smaller apartment can be a money saving strategy for older Americans who've set their hearts on moving into a specific retirement community. "I've seen communities allow couples to move in with a percentage of the entry fee due initially, but a delay on the remainder being due for a period of six months after move in," giving seniors wiggle room to complete the sale of a house, she says. "Retirement communities backed by nonprofit religious organizations can be a more affordable option," says Karen Schaeffer, president of Schaeffer Financial in Rockville, Md. These communities welcome people of all beliefs. Mr. Temple recommends asking independent and assisted living facilities about "non premium rooms" that can be real bargains, but generally aren't advertised. Longer walks to the dining room and less desirable layouts or views account for the cheaper rates. Having a roommate might not be everyone's cup of tea, but "companion rates" can shave $1,000 a month off rent for single seniors who are willing to share, he says.

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Your success is our success so always feel free to reach us at [email protected] tablet. com if theres anything you or your clients need to ensure total success of any Clay Tablet project. eLearning faculty support is meeting you where you are, even if that is working remotely from home. Use the links below to access help and support. Students can go to the Student Support page or submit a helpdesk ticket. The Accessibility Helpdesk is for students needing support with larger font/icons, screen readers, and translation tools in Canvas and Office365 for English language acquisition students. For faculty, you can receive help with captions and other universal design processes. Canvas 101 is designed and facilitated by the WWCC eLearning Team. This asynchronous online course is designed for both instructors and student support staff who are new to using the Canvas learning management system LMS or who are just getting started. By the end of this course you will have a basic understanding of the Canvas tool set and be ready to begin using Canvas for instruction. Contact to enroll.

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The literary context of a passage helps to focus the text for us and may provide us with significant clues for its interpretation. I'm certain that the problems we encounter in Scripture are directly related to our lack of understanding of the words, ideas and concepts presented in it. Even when the words themselves are clear, the ideas they are attempting to express may seem remote or confusing. Through access to standard reference tools we are supplied valuable information which first century Christians would have considered common knowledge. Once we have possession of this information, the original meaning of words, statements, the text in general takes on a new significance and regains its power to excite and amaze us and to those to whose we preach or teach as they did the people to whom they were first addressed. An abundance of resources are available to us which facilitates good exegesis. They include: the Bible in a variety of translations; lexicons, commentaries in a variety of languages, Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias, study manuals and concordances to name a few. Of course, these tools range from the highly critical variety which often assumes a knowledge of Greek and Hebrew to the purely devotional and over simplified. Rev. Saundra L. Washington, D.

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It shouldnt even be in the Bible imo. The Eastern Orthodox Church agrees with me on that. Arguing about religions and their Holy books is kinda silly. And it can get downright dangerous like that Book of Revelations and the Quran. Believe what you will. So will I. Its not worth getting upset over. But people kill each other over the words in these books. Look what happened to Jesus. Follow the teachings of Christ via Paul, the apostle He sent to you. Things will clear up very quickly.

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