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In the beginning, all volumes appear first as a list with the titles of articles and authors. At this stage, the articles can have relevant abstracts and keywords, but not a pdf documents in a final version. In this phase, papers were only selected and are pending for review and other editorial procedures. Articles in pdf are available for download only after final updating when they already passed the whole editorial process and are agreed with the authors. When this process end, the link becomes active and pdf available for download. On the main page, you need to click on respective Call for paper link and the pdf will be downloaded.

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280. Also, post workouts, my blood sugars would be in the 70 90 range. Now, due to advancing insulin resistance, my blood sugars post workout are approaching 200. This caused me to be prescribed yet another diabetes medicine. Yes, I had overeaten in my past to get me here i am around 250 lbs and have for the past several years changed many things with my diet and exercise. When insulin does not work properly in your body, you are working with a broken system which complicates things.

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I am of the book generation, as are quite a few of us who visit this site. I know full well that the book as a medium is most likely doomed, especially when the Kindle finally becomes truly easy to use. Until that time, though, I will continue to enjoy the sensory experience of reading words on wood pulp or, even better, rag content. Has anybody considered that instead of whining about the lack of content on the site we, the readers, could submit articles of our own for Mr Bellows approval?This would seem to solve all problems. I know it is easier said than done, but it could work. Is this possible, Mr Bellows?Ugh, between getting ignored by the creators of this site and the mindless drones that defend it, Ive had it. Bookmark deleted after many, many years. Thanks for the good times, too bad its been so long since things were smooth, I feel like an abused spouse. The months and months and months between articles is just ridiculous. What is the holdup?I this site, but at this point its been what, a year since the site was properly tended too?And that with trying to hawk products. toxicroach said: The months and months and months between articles is just ridiculous.

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Well, I had experiences of humiliation from various teachers, who Ill not mention the names, which brought this attitude that I have now, being a timid person especially to those with strong personality. However, Im still trying to overcome the attitude and so far, there were some improvements. Ooppsss!Enough with the past. By the way, you are right to say that companies nowadays look for the employee more on the attitude, no matter how skilled you are, the knowledge you have acquired, it doesnt make ones work good if this essential one is missing. As a matter of fact, one of the requirements of the companies is having a pleasing personality. Ill end this feedback by restating what you quoted in your comment, The best way to predict your future is to create it and we are here in the CIT program to create that future. Have a great day ahead of you!i agree sir, school is our 2nd home and our home is our 2nd school that is why parents should also participate in teaching the hidden curriculum. I agree with the thought. It is at home where it starts. For some, our personality lies by the way our parents raise us or what kind of family we have. I think school can boost in the welfare of the child and that is for me the essence of hidden curriculum.

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