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Having low student numbers is not sustainable financially or emotionally. You may think youre not a very good teacher because so few people come to your classes, but the truth is that youre probably a great teacher. Youre just not good at marketing. Youre not good at marketing because you dont know what to do. Until now. Youll get full access to the Yoga Studio Business Plan Kit that I created for myself.

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Also, the new toxicology field of endocrine disruptor chemicals is of extreme importance since many common chemicals and pesticides are now being found to alter normal hormone levels in the blood controlling development and aging. The majority of information at CHEM TOX has been attained from research from the University of Florida and University of South Florida Medical Libraries. Every attempt has been made to provide information clearly and accurately The medical/scientific journal name and date, along with the university and scientists involved in the research are listed with each article. We hope this information provides a base for changes in public health policy in public buildings, schools, residential settings ie. condominiums, and help with guiding future city and state laws. All research cited can be acquired in its original form from public libraries using the Inner Library Loan Program and can often be acquired immediately from univerisity medical libraries ie. Shands Library at University of Florida in Gainesville. HYPERLINK Pesticides in Homes and Lawns Showing Serious Health Risks Common pesticides used in homes and lawns are now being shown in medical research to accelerate aging of the immune and nervous system resulting in serious health problems years after exposure. Companies which use these chemicals include TruGreen ChemLawn Orkin and others. Of significant concern, agriculture and consumer use pesticides are not currently required to be tested for subtle neurological effects i. e.

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Offers information. Is interesting. Works hard. Is exciting. Attends to the reader. Is clear. Does not drag writing out. Uses descriptive words. Through this experience, the teachers realized that the questions they asked might limit students' responses. They reminded themselves that the purpose of reflection is threefold: To help students become more aware of their writingwhat makes writing work and what does not. To help students take more responsibility for their writingto know that writing must be understood by an audience and to learn how to anticipate a reader's response through self evaluation.

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