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The average salary for a forensic accountant in the US is around $74,000. 00. A forensic accountant in New York could make up to $102,655. 00 while a forensic accountant in Orlando usually only makes $56,071. 00. Some forensic accountants are not paid on salary and are rather contracted to do a specific task for a company. The job prospects for Forensic accountants are excellent. India is yet to meet the growing demand for fraud examiners because of a shortage of training institutions; Demand for fraud examiners is growing fast because of the use of information technology to commit crimes, growing business competition, and harsh economic times that are making some workers to steal from their employers or sell company secrets. There are no experience requirements necessary to call oneself a Forensic Accountant; However, there are many factors which will influence how a particular Forensic Accountant will be paid. Course Content / Topics: Introduction to Forensic Science, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination; Principles of Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination; Roles of the Forensic Accountant; Introduction to Fraud and Forensic Accounting; The Nature of Fraud, Why People Commit Fraud, Fighting Fraud Fraud Prevention, Fraud Detection, Recognizing the Symptoms of Fraud; Data Driven Fraud Detection, Fraud Investigation, Investigating Theft Acts; Investigating Concealment, Conversion Investigation Methods; Private Sources of Information, Inquiry Methods and Fraud Reports Honesty Testing, The Fraud Reports, Management Fraud; Financial Statement Fraud; Revenue and Inventory Related Financial Statement Frauds; Liability, Asset, and Inadequate Disclosure Frauds; Fraud Against Organizations, Consumer Fraud; Identity Theft, Investment Scams, Money Laundering; Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Tax Fraud, Fraud in E Commerce; Resolution of Fraud, Legal Follow Up, Being an Expert Witness; Financial Statement Fraud Standards; Avoiding common mistakes in fraud risk assessment and examination; Credit Card Frauds, Online Transaction Frauds, Cheque Frauds; and study of forensic science and related aspects etc Emphasis on Forensic and Legal IssuesIndian Students may use Universal Currency Converter from to pay fee in other currenciesNOTE 1: International / Outside India students who wants printed notes, books and ref. material by courier / post, then 200 USD will be charged extra for Indian postal services.

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In the old days, postcards are being used to share sentiments and send greetings. These very crucial tools were used by almost everybody when they are on trips or vacations to send their warm wishes and hello?s to their friends and especially family members. Aside from that, these postcards were also used in special occasions such as Christmas day, New Year?s Day, Valentines Day and all other occasions. But today, aside from its novelty purpose, post cards are now used as one of the greatest marketing solutions for business needs. There are still some people who underestimate the marketing power of postcards, but if used properly these cards can be a very useful and effective tool in marketing effective business. And because postcards are very handy and easy to distribute, you can always mail them to all your clients and customers without any problem and difficulty. You can even mail them just by yourself or you can also include them on the mail packages that you intend to send to your clients and customers. And aside from that, these postcards are very easy to print and they are cost effective. All you need to do is to print them in a single piece of paper, back to back, and you easily get an inexpensive marketing tool. But of course, to maximize result, you need to include a strong call to action in your postcard printing. You need to encourage your prospects to contact your right away by providing them your phone numbers, business address, and website.

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