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This is the current eco philosophy fad. Human beings are a blight, and Gaia is going to cleanse herself unless we become good global citizens and respect the Universal Mother. Until now . Mother Earth has somehow tolerated sloppy house habits.

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She said: "Tissue engineering 8 this for a generation. " She said: "If we can 9 look and now even breathe more like the healthy 10 bodies, will they also then functionally behave more like those tissues?" She said bio printing could become 11 . Scientists hope this method will help millions 12 transplants. Scientistsadvancedthepossibilityofreproducingthebody'sorgansbyu sing3Dprinting. Scientistscouldmakeorgansbyusingbio printing. Sci entistscouldcreatenetworksofthintubes,likethoseusedinourbodytol etbloodflow.

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g. United Nations Day, Linggo ng Wika or creating a video presentation. Other than cognitive skills, students are also able to hone their social skills as they interact with each other. Getting into the Flow is like having an experience that allows us to feel ecstasy or pure delight. Flow as explained by Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi pronounced mee hy cheek sent m hy ee, is having a goal with clear steps and being in a state of complete immersion with the task at hand. Pure joy comes during engagement in the activity. It involves the persons whole being and optimizes use of skills during the activity. Flow is a form of intrinsic motivation. Classroom learning can benefit much from it. But how do we increase student motivation?We need to develop learning environments that are intrinsically rewarding. Observations tell us that students have more desire to learn when school activities are interesting, fun and enjoyable.

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Xiao, R. G. Newcomer, H. I. Park,T. Kang, L. W. K. Chung,M. G. Swanson, H.

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