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This medical examiner training course conforms to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's FMCSA training curriculum modules and topics on regulations and guidelines for conducting CMV driver medical examinations. FMCSA regulations and guidelines are reviewed regularly, and the training is updated as required. This course was last updated on 06/27/2019. Module 1 IntroductionThis module identifies duties specific to the certified medical examiner and commercial motor vehicle operator. The examiner will learn the purpose of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA and National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners NRCME. The job related stresses of operating a commercial motor vehicle CMV will also be discussed. Module 2 Driver Medical History and DocumentationThis module discusses proper documentation and ensuring completeness of the self reported driver medical history. The learner will also identify strategies on how to avoid an inaccurate driver history. Module 3 VisionThis module discusses the vision qualification requirements for the CMV driver. The learner will review critical components of the vision exam, diseases affecting the eye, and findings that may indicate a need for additional testing. Module 4 HearingThis module discusses common ear disorders and symptoms which may affect the ability to operate a CMV safely.

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Below, find resources that can help make sure your basic needs are met, both physically, mentally and emotionally during this challenging time. The one thing we can count on during times of change is that sometimes we may need a little assistance. The services listed below will keep us connected with the resources we need to succeed. Online learning uses different "stuff" than the in person classroom. That means there are new strategies for success. Your mindset and your self discipline are going to be important now, more than ever. It may not always be easy, but education is worth it. These resources are here to support you as you take on this challenge. CSUSB is committed to student success. Given the unusual circumstances that Fall 2020 semester will be delivered in an alternative and virtual modality, this page was made to provide resources and information to ensure our students success in learning in a virtual environment. On September 21, Charter relaunched free Internet service to families and teachers for 60 days.

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Phil. Teaching Writing Using Picture Stories as Tools at the High School Level: The Movement from Other Regulation to Self Regulation . Y. Nirmala, M. Phil. Current Perspectives on Education . Editors: P. Udayakumar, M. Sc. , M. Phil.

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