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00 USD and is generally due prior to the beginning of the course of study unless other arrangements are made through the training center. The tuition fees include all course materials, supplies and use of equipment and polygraph instrumentation together with staff consultation while in attendance. The Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing PCSOT Course prepares students to successfully complete the End of Course Written Examination, approved and recognized by the APA. This examination is only required for those seeking to become PCSOT certified with the American Polygraph Association APA. The course will consist of a minimum of 40 hours of specialized instruction approved by the APA. The course will review various types of PCSOT examinations, including Instant Offense, Instant Offense Investigative, Prior Allegation, Sexual History I, Sexual History II, Maintenance, and Monitoring Examinations.

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The centrally located facility is fully equipped with three floors of updated facilities that include 25 beds, ample office space, TV/group room, laundry rooms, kitchen/dining room, staff lounge, outdoor picnic tables and more. According to Suzanne Tavano, director, Behavioral Health Services, Contra Costa County, there are 10 beds to allow people to detoxify from substance use, and then also the 15 residential beds, which will support them during their continuing recovery. Clients will have access to a full course of care, including residential treatment services, withdrawal management, case management and a cognitive behavioral treatment curriculum. Noting that it took five years of advocacy to make the center a reality in Richmond, Antwon Cloird, district 1 supervisor, AOD Advisory Board, Contra Costa County, said it will give our community a second chance at a first pass. Shawn Jenkins, deputy chief operating officer for WestCare Western Region, echoed Cloirds remarks and shared his organizations excitement upon opening the center. Westcare prides itself in providing services that enable those that we serve the opportunity to not only live a clean and sober life, but one that is independent and meaningful. We are excited about this opportunity to work with Contra Costa County and the City of Richmond, as we weave ourselves into the fabric of a community based provider network that works in support of this amazing community, said Jenkins. With a group of staff members joining her, Gertrude Wilson, program director, WCCA Richmond Health and Welless Center, lifted a large pair of scissors and performed the official ribbon cutting on the new facilities. Perhaps the words of Fatima Mata Sol, program chief, AOD Services, Contra Costa County, summed up the virtual events overall atmosphere best. We are finally opening our most wanted facility in Richmond, CaliforniaIt has been a long journey, adding, I would like to recognize, first and foremost, people in recovery, because without their help and inspiration, this program would have never been possible. The WCCA Richmond Health and Wellness Center is located at 208 23rd St.

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